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Round 45 D 60 TOUCH is the last news in Ghibli’s scrubber dryers range. The innovative and functional design guarantees the right ergonomics and comfort in the daily activities. The technical features and the high level innovations – 45 liters tank capacity, three hours running time, the control panel with display, the double brush pressure, the “silent mode” function, the new chemical mixing system – make Round 45 something unique in its market segment, ideal for effective cleaning results in every kind of floor/environment. The wide cleaning path (2 x 12” brushes) and the adjustable speed (up to 5 km/h) allow a productivity of 3050 m²/h. ROUND 45 is now available with two important upgrades: - thanks to the new sensor TOUCH SYSTEM, Ghibli patented, ROUND 45 can be moved and controlled only using a thumb: intuitive, user friendly and reliable. - ECO SYSTEM, the new program on the control panel, which optimizes consumptions, making ROUND 45 eco-friendly. Environmental care and good performance at the same time.

Ширина очистки

mm 600

Объем бака для чистой воды

l 45

Объем бака для грязной воды

l 47

Мощность двигателя

W / nr 450 x 1


mm 1125 x 670 x1040